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LindaBiz was started in response to the demand for budget-friendly alarm response services among small - medium businesses in Kenya. Backed by professionals with over 25 years' experience in the security industry in East, West and Southern Africa we have the expertise, market exposure and supply chain network to identify gaps and provide solutions that are suited to this segment in Kenya.

We recognise that most small - medium business begin and operate on founders' capital from individual savings and personal borrowings. This implies significant exposure in the absence of adequate measures against burglary and theft. In order for these businesses to grow and thrive they need access to affordable security services that are critical for normal operations.

Our security solutions contribute to the sustainability of small - medium businesses by mitigating security risks that can result in catastrophic losses that could cripple the business and the pursuit of financial independence. 

Our purpose is to continuously deliver budget-friendly security solutions that are suited to small - medium businesses using the latest technology for maximum functionality and service delivery.


LindaBiz is a registered trademark of Gruppe Technologie Limited, Nairobi.

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